Meet the Team

We use the word 'Team' very lightly as all of Bivisible's success through the last few years couldn't of been achieved if it wasn't for help and support of other members, allies, friends, and family. We're just the ones who try to bring it all together.

Name: Danielle 
Why I joined Bivis: I'd been out as bi for years but it seemed like I'd never had any bi friends and I wanted to meet other people who really understood. 
What I like about the group: It's a positive, relaxed and supportive group where I can be myself. 
Weirdest comment about being Bi: "But, you're not 'really' bi, are you?"

Name: Nathan
Why I joined Bivis: I wanted to make new friends in the LGBT community and never thought I'd find a bisexual group.
What I like about the group: I've made some great friends through this group and love supporting it.

Weirdest comment about being Bi: "He's one of those real bisexuals."

Name: Livvy
Why I joined Bivis: Nathan dragged me along What we like about the group: Everyone is greatace. Weirdest comment about being Bi: "yeah. You look Bi. You know what I mean?" (That was my boss when told her about Bi vis.)