Wednesday, 1 March 2017


We're very excited to talk about our idea for this years Bristol Pride and Bivisibilty Day

This year Bivisible Bristol want to bring together the creative talents of the Bristol bi community and anyone else who are attracted to more than one gender. While the name says Bi we want to encourage those who identify as Pan, Queer, Bi curious and anyone who is still figuring it out. We plan to publish a zine that expresses and represents how much bi-ness there actually is in the city and it's surrounding areas. This zine will be available for a small donation at the Bivisible table at Bristol Pride 2017 as well as an exhibition of all the work submitted on Bivisibilty Day (23rd of September)

So what is a zine? It's short for magazine or fanzine and are self published by a single person or small group on a certain interest or subject. We plan to go bigger and ask anyone who loves to be creative to submit their work!

So, what can you submit?

The subject is simple. Being attracted to more than one gender. What you create is your idea! It could be anything from :-

  • Coming out stories or going back in
  • Personal experiences (good or bad)
  • Biphobia or Bi-erasure you've experienced/noticed
  • Bi/Queer idols
  • Representation in the media (again good or bad)
  • Jokes or Memes
  • Research pieces

These are only a few ideas of what people can submit. As long as it stays related to the subject we're all good to go!

But what can you use to create your piece? Anything that will fit on no bigger than an A4 piece of paper!

  • Drawings
  • Writing
  • Articles
  • Poetry
  • Collage
  • Photography
  • Comics
  • Design

Though we strongly feel people should be open to express their creativity and thoughts, we do ask the following not be submitted as it will not be printed.

  • Strong Pornography – While we welcome works about sex, kink and nudity we do ask explicit or hardcore pornography not be submitted.
  • Hate Speech – There's a difference between free speech and being an arsehole. If we feel your work is particularly hateful towards a certain community, culture, race, sexuality or gender we will either ask you to edit your work or it won't be published.
  • Violence / Gore
  • Anything completely off the subject – The point of a zine is that it's based on one subject and we hope what we've chosen if varied enough to get those creative juices flowing. If your work is not related to the subject it will not be published.
  • Bigger than A4 - We ask for just 1 A4 size piece so everyone gets a fair share of their work featured in the zine.

If we feel your work falls into any part of the no no list we will contact you to discuss.

We do welcome works on hard subjects such as mental health, assault, rape, suicide etc. However, we do ask you make it known when you submit your work if you feel your work could be triggering to someone. This way we are able to publish a content warning at the beginning of the zine and you'll get a big thumbs up from us.

Read all that? Excited to start getting creative? We hope so and we look forward to seeing your work.

Once your work is ready to submit please send it to . You can also used this address to contact us if you have any questions.

More info about Pride Day and the Exhibition will be published on the BIG BRISTOL BI ZINE facebook group and the Bivisible Bristol website closer to the time.

Happy Creating!