Tuesday, 7 June 2016

BiVisible June - Biphobia Workshop

Hey everyone. Sorry again for the long delay in posts. But we've been working up some treats for the next couple of months

June's social meet (8th of June) is going to do something different! Friend of BiVisible Dr. Nikki Hayfield is coming to visit our group where we'll be having a big flipchart type discussion about themes from her research into the links between appearance / perception and biphobia. We'd love it if as many of us as possible are involved in the discussion. Nikki is also going to be letting us know about how we can get involved in her new research project about bisexuality and identity in relationships. As the region's biggest community of bi people we can really help with informing the sorts of interview questions that are asked in the research! It's going to be a relaxed and interesting evening and we really hope lots of you will come and join in. Meet-ups have been so great recently and we want to see you all again!