Monday, 15 February 2016

Jacq Applebee at Bristol LGBT History Month

One of those most exciting things about this year's Bristol's LGBT History Festival is the amount of talks focusing on minorities in sexuality, gender, race, and culture. One of these talkers is the bisexual activist Jacq Applebee who will bringing their talk Bisexuals of Colour: The Past Influencing the Present and Shaping the Future.

Jacq Applebee is a well known activist for people of colour identifying as bisexual and co-foundered the social and support group 'Bis of Colour'. They are a poet and writer, including the Bis of Colour history report, which can be downloaded here.

Their talk will take place in Studio 2 at the MShed at 12:20 on Saturday 20th of Feb. For more information on Jacq's work click here. You can also donate to their work for Bi's of Colour history here.