Friday, 14 August 2015

Lovely day for a Picnic!

Don't let this wet Friday damper your thoughts for the weekend. Plenty of groups in Bristol and beyond are taking the chance on the British to bring picnics to the LGBTQA* community.

First up with have BS3 LGBT who will be dining alfresco this Saturday in Victoria Park at 1pm. Their facebook event show directions and contact details if you're interested in joining in. You can find the event here!

For those who identify as polyamorous, there is a Bristol and Southwest Poly meet up picnic at 2pm on Brandon Hill. Check out our Facebook group for more information on this.

If you fancy a day out from Bristol, The Big Queer Picnic in Sophia Gardens, Cardiff will be kicking off at 1pm, celebrating all sexualities and genders through artistic performances. You can find out more information on their facebook event.

If you're busy Saturday or are still hungry for more on Sundy, The Bristol Bear Bar will be hosting their Teddy Bears Picnic in Castle Park from 2pm. Bring your own snacks and drink and dig in with the friendly Bristol bear community, though being a bear doesn't apply! You can find out more here.

None of these events are ran by Bivisible but we at BB HQ feel it's important to spread the word on neighbouring events. If you do have an event that you feel the bisexual community should know about, please feel free to e-mail us at